Tony Passero Positive Babel Mural on Irving Park Road in Chicago  Detail

Positive Babel Mural © 2013 Tony Passero

Title: Positive Babel Mural at Metra Station Underpass on Irving Park Road in Chicago
Media: Acrylic and Spray Paint on Mason Wall
Size: 18 ft x 720 ft (5.4 m x 219.5 m)
Artist: Tony Passero

Created for the Old Irving Park Association the base concept of the Positive Babel mural is the world lives, works and plays in Old Irving Park.

There are 70 landmarks and iconic structures from various nations through out the world represented in the mural.

The blue in the sky of the mural was selected to represent the color of the Chicago flag.

The Positive Babel mural is on Irving Park Road in Chicago at the Metra underpass bounded by the Kennedy Expressway exit and Keeler on the north wall and the Kennedy Expressway entrance on and Avondale on the south wall.

The north walls measures 185 feet and the south wall measures 135 feet for a total wall dimension of 320 feet.

The support pillars are 100 feet each and both sides have been painted adding another 400 feet to the mural.

The mural was started on July 16th, 2013 and was completed 12 days later on Sunday July 28th, 2013.

Some of the 29 countries represented with landmark highlights found in the mural are.
Australia – Sydney Opera House
Brazil – Cristo Redentor
Cambodia – Angkor Wat
Canada – Totem Poles
China – Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Ancient Pagoda
Easter Island – Statues
Egypt – Pyramid
England – Westminster, Big Ben, Tower Bridge
Finland – Helsinki Skyline (4 landmarks)
France – Eiffel Tower, medieval city
Germany – Neuschwanstein Castle
Greece – Parthenon
Guatemala – Tikal Pyramid
India – Taj Mahal
Indonesia – Ulan Danu Bratan Temple
Italy – Coliseum, Vatican
Japan – Asakusa Temple, Osaka Shitennoji Temple
South Korea – Sungnyemun/Namdaemun Gate
Malaysia – Twin Towers
Mexico – Mexico City Skyline (4 landmarks), Monument to the Revolution
Nepal – Mt. Everest
Norway – Oslo Skyline (4 landmarks: Nobel Peace Center, Royal Palace, Homonkollen Ski Jump, City Hall)
Poland – Palace of Culture & Science
Russia – Kremlin
Spain – Sagrada Familia
Sweden – Stockholm skyline (5 landmarks: The Globe, The Big Church, City Hall, The Radio Tower and The sky scrapers at Hötorget)
Taiwan – Taipei 101
Thailand – Grand Palace
USA – Statue of Liberty, Chicago Skyline (7 landmarks)